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Customer Comments


Hey Irene,
I just wanted to say thank you for helping me update my information. I was so busy and had my hands full that I wasn't thinking straight. I can't thank you enough for your help and making it so easy for me.
Hana N.
Bismarck, ND 06/18/05

Accurate Credit,
Your company is magnificent! I have never dealt with any other company quite like yours. Everybody is so professional and so helpful. I feel like you guys are my closest friends and can share anything with you guys. Simply the best!
George D.
Atlanta, GA 07/21/05

Dear James,
You are definitely a miracle worker. I was in a jam and needed answers quickly. You have helped me through this whole ordeal and I never have to worry ever again. Thank goodness for you and your services. Much thanks to you.
Agnes O.
Jackson, MS 08/02/05

Hi Joe,
Your kindness and patience astounds me. I believe you are the most patient person that I've ever met, even more patient than me. Thank you for helping me out and keep up the good work.
Ellen P.
Providence, RI 09/02/05

Dear Matt,
Thanks for helping me obtain a copy of my driving record. I was very frustrated with other companies giving me the wild goose chase. Your expertise had calmed me down and made the whole experience enjoyable. Thanks again!!
Patricia A.
Houston, TX 02/04/05

You guys have saved me a lot of trouble by screening my tenants. I never would have known that a few of my prospective tenants had a criminal history. It's amazing how fast your service works. It's great to know that there is a company that actually helps the little people. Best wishes!!
Wayne B.
Tulsa, OK 03/06/05

Hi Guys,
I cannot emphasize how great your tutorials are. It's so easy to read and understand the credit report. I now have a better understanding on how other professionals interpret the reports. Thanks for tickling my brain!
John W.
Philadelphia, PA 04/15/05

Hello Jeff,
Your thorough knowledge of how to screen tenants have helped me weed out the bad applicants. Your techniques have saved me a lot of time and, let's not forget, money. I will surely use your company again and tell all my friends and family about you. Thank a million!
Audrey L.
Boise, ID 05/23/05

You have always been so helpful. I couldn't tell you how many times you've saved me from rented to some horrible tenants. I have told all of my fellow landlords about your company. Grateful for your services.
Steve P.
Tucson, AZ 09/24/04

Hey James,
Membership would have been a nightmare for me if it wasn't for you. You made the whole process seem as easy as 1-2-3. I don't know how you did it but I am thankful for your assistance.
Monty M.
Chicago, IL 10/21/04

Dear Accurate,
Your services have greatly helped to screen our potential tenants the proper way. As the holidays are near, I don't need to worry about my properties being trashed and destroyed. Thanks!
Dorothy K.
Denver, CO 12/15/04

Hi Irene,
Thank you so much for explaining the credit report to me. Your thorough explanation has allowed me to accurately decide whether the tenant should rent my property. I feel like a pro at reading the credit reports thanks to you!
Annie K.
Northridge, CA 01/29/05

Your credit reports were very helpful. Thank you very much. My tenant was very nice and friendly. I will call you again for more properties that I have.
Zhi Q.
Piscataway, NJ 04/24/04

Hi Ellis,
You have been so helpful in soo many ways that I don't even know how to thank you. Your advice for screening tenants more in depth has allowed me to further my knowledge about how to choose my tenants. Thanks again!
Caroline S.
Sturgis, SD 05/07/04

Dear Danny,
I appreciate you helping me out when I was in a jam. I didn't know what to do and you calmed me down and took me step-by-step on what to do. You saved me from a real big jam. You rock!
Peter P.
Kosciusko, MS 06/18/04

You are a blessing to the driving world! Thank for all your help, patience and fast response. You are very professional and very helpful! I would have been lost without you! Keep up the great work!
Tony T.
Elephant Butte, NM 07/07/04

Thank you so much for taking care of me. I surely can depend on you to help me rent my properties. I would be lost and stressed if it wasn't for you and your company. I am forever grateful to you. =)
Jessica R.
Elkins, WV 11/10/03

Dear Vicki,
Your verification has been very thorough. I feel very safe and confident that your company takes every precautionary measure to ensure that no fradulent activity is taking place. Rock on!
Jonathan O.
Omaha, NE 12/10/03

Just wanted to say that your credit service is great! I am a first time landlord and your service has made it very easy to screen tenants! Thanks for the great CREDIT REPORT TUTORIAL on your website!!
Irene K.
Detroit, MI 02/12/04

Your fast verification and fast turnaround time for the reports are astounding! I can't believe I got my approval AND credit reports the same day!! Blew me out of my seat! You guys are the best! I will surely use your company again in the near future for my other properties. Take care!
Derek Y.
Chugwater, WY 03/06/04

Hey Victor,
Thanks for setting my account up so quickly. I didn't realize how fast you guys work. I rented my apartment that same day and my tenant is as good as it gets. Thanks a bunch!!
Jerry G.
Helena, MT 07/21/03

Yo Jeff,
You're awesome!! Your interpretation of the credit report was on the nose! The applicant was trying to cover everything up. You saved me tons of money!! I'll be back for sure.
Josh T.
San Diego, CA 08/02/03

You were so kind as to walk me through the whole setting up the account thing. You made it a whole lot easier for me to gather all the information that i needed. Such the gentleman. Thanks.
Rosie N.
Port St. Lucie, FL 09/02/03

Dear Irene,
Thanks for putting my mind at ease about using your company. Using your company is the best choice that I could have made in screening my tenants. So easy and so fast!
Christine B.
Tuscaloosa, AL 10/27/03

Dear Paul,
Your customer service skills are outstanding!! Great attitude as well!! Many thanks!!
Steve Y.
Redlands, CA 05/02/03

Your knowledge of tenant screening astonishes me. Thanks for sharing key points on how to interpret these credit reports. Talk to you soon.
Vladimir U.
Newark, NY 05/24/03

I am grateful for all the work you've done for me. Nobody can ever replace you! Take care.
Darryl S.
Kodak, TN 04/18/03

Dear James,
I don't know how you did it but I am able to run credit reports online easily!! I never knew it was THIS easy until you made aware of what was available to me. Thanks again for being such a great person! Talk to ya!!
Mitchell M.
Hancock, NH 06/01/03

Dear Frank,
You have been of much help to me and wanted to say thanks for all the hard work. Your turnaround time is breath-taking and astounding!! I never knew it would be so easy AND so fast!! Thanks again.
Nina R.
Essex, VT 02/28/03

Hey Gen,
You have been so helpful and informative. Thanks for being so quick!!
Lisa W.
Tidewater, VA 04/05/03

Hey Jeff,
Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I would have been lost without you. Thanks for the advise on my tenants. You were right on the nose with your advise. You'll be hearing from me soon again. Thanks!!
Keith H.
Radcliffe, KY 01/08/03

Dear Irene,
Thanks for your quick thinking and great attitude!! Keep on truckin'!
Norm K.
Mesquite, TX 04/20/03

You are the voice of an angel!! You have calmly explained each credit report to me and assured me that each applicant would be great to rent the property to. I've always gotten my rent on time and have no problems whatsoever with them. Much thanks!!
Ralph P.
Seattle, WA 03/27/03

You have guided me through all the steps necessary in order to run credit checks. You are truly the most patient person that I know. I thank you for answering all of my questions...and I do mean ALL.
Grace L.
Toledo, OH 02/19/03

You have been so helpful. Thanks for being so thorough on your screenings. I almost rented to a criminal!!! I owe much thanks to you and surely I will screen my tenants with you in the future.
Tiffany O.
Camden, SC 03/12/03

I don't know what I would have done without you guys. If it wasn't for your comprehensive screening capabilities, I would have probably been out thousands of dollars. You guys are great!! Keep up the great work and customer service!!
Melinda T.
Fishtail, MT 01/27/03

Thanks Victor,
Couldn't have gotten through the verification process without your help. I'll be able to screen my tenants and not have to worry about renting to dead-beats.
Christine B.
Azusa, CA 12/14/02

Thanks Jeff,
Thank you for staying and getting me those credit reports. I'll look them over tomorrow and call someone if I have any questions about the reports, which I probably will. Again thanks for staying late.
Dianne and Jim C.
Riverside, CA 09/18/02

This was my first time trying the "landlord preferred" and think it was well worth it!
Amy B.
Concord, NC 08/09/02

I was lost and had no clue on how to go about screening my tenants. Now I have more knowledge than ever before thanks to your help. I appreciate all that you have done. Thanks a bunch!!
Stella G.
Jacksonville, FL 12/02/02

Dear Paul,
You guys really saved me. I would have made a huge mistake. I was going on their word.
Vicki H.
Huntington Beach, CA 08/09/02

Dear Paul,
What a relief!!! If I would have placed that con artist in my house I never would have gotten him out. Your extra work was the only reason we found out in time!!!
Thanks a zillion,
Francis M
Long Beach, CA 04/20/02

Dear Andy,
Thank you very much. You've been most helpful. Your GRRRRRRRREEAAT! I'll be using you again soon.
Thank You,
Melba M.
Dallas, TX 06/26/02

Dear Scarlett,
Thanks for taking the extra time and explaining the reports to me. I'm a first time landlord and you helped me through what could have been a "nerve racking" experience.
Asher P
Boca Rotan, FL 02/12/02

I'm so glad we didn't take FB and his croonies. Their story didn't make any sense and their references just didn't check out. Paul was partically helpful in pointing us in the right direction and we greatly appreciate and applaud his efforts. Thanks for saving us from a disaster,
Sheila A.
Corpis Cristi, TX 03/01/02

Dear Accurate,
You guys are awesome!
Bill M.
Kansas City, MO 7/22/02

Super Job - Couldn't have done it with out you.
Bill W.
Blue Earth, MN 01/12/02

Dear James,
You've got the patience of a saint. Thanks for answering all my questions. You guys are fast and reliable.
Kottie S.
Des Moines, IA 05/25/02

Dear Accurate,
Since September 11 I have started to screen my tenants and employees with a little more concern. Your automated system makes it easy. I haven't caught any terrorists yet but I feel better and secure just checking against the F.B.I. Wanted List. You never know and it never hurts to be a little more cautious in this days and age.
Thanks for being there,
James H
Lake Geneva, WI

Dear Accurate,
Horah with the F.B.I. database!
Frank C.
07/25/02 Louisville, KY

Doing all this online is a god send. As a computer consultant and a full-time student, I am never sure when I'm able to fill out forms and fax things in. So this just makes my life so much easier. I end up doing a lot online in the middle of the night, now this can be part of it.
Carol F
Santa Cruz, CA. 10/04/01

Dear Patti.
There is no way that I will be able to thank you for the effort that you made in finding my close friend that I have not heard from for over 25 years. I had made several other attempts with no good results. No one made the efforts of contacting me to get further information like you did. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and may God bless you.
Calvin B.
Jersey City, NJ 09/24/01

Dear Jeff,
Please accept my VERY sincere appreciation for your sleuthing out the hand-written information sheet for Gregory and Lawanda L last week. It has been absolutely instrumental in helping me understand what went awry, creating a rental nightmare. "Lawanda" is the name of daughter of a women named Bertha O who is a first class criminal rascal. Of course, the name Lawanda L.O. and its concomitant social security number were "clean as a whistles", which didn't coincide with the $2000 bogus check (eventually found to be counterfeit, not just "insufficient funds" that they had given me. Anyway, it has been a gruesome experience, and I'm happy to say "I've learned alot." With your help I was able to ferret out the truths. She is prison bound; I'm sure they won't show up for the eviction court hearing. Wouldn't you agree?
Barbara K.
Stockton, CA 9/30/01

Dear Jeff,
Great product! Simple, fast, affordable.
Denver, CO 10/30/01

Broomfield, CO 10/17/01

I used your site to check out a potential tenant. he turned out to be a real deadbeat. The info was very helpful. I also liked the info management available.
Mike W.
New Freedom, PA 10/15/01

As a new customer (effective TODAY), I started out very skeptical and expecting "something" to go wrong... What a wonderful SURPISE to have contact with a company that provides such speedy, accurate and friendly services. Thanks for a great "new customer" experience - you guys are wonderful!
Denise W.
Bear, DE 5/14/01

The service here is 1st rate! I was impressed with the speed and the quality of the reports. I have received all my reports back in less than 5 minutes each time I have used the service. Chatting with a live person is also first rate. I have recommended you to friends, and will continue to do so.
Craig B
Indianapolis, IN 4/12/2001

Thank you, again, for extending your credit check services to me while I was here in Southern California. I am back in Northern California now and have my loan statement to fax to you as proof of my ownership of the unit I was renting. I did rent to Patty and all her references checked out great.
I will keep your information on file, although personnally, I am hoping that I will not need your services for a couple of years! You were so responsive and helpful. The folks I used a year and a half ago when I rented were horrible and had no one available to interpret the reports. Ugh. Thanks again and to you on the bureau of choice. A couple other units in our building are renting so I will certainly recommend you. Thanks Again.
Sandra G.
Sunnyvale CA 05/07/01

Thanks for the great service and the 1/1 assistance over the phone. I will definitely recommend you to friends of my who own several buildings.
Laurie R
Chicago, IL 09/18/01

We couldn't have done it without you. Thanks a million.
Gary M
Boston, Ma 08/15/01

You really do make the information understandable and best of all it's accurate and fast.
Joe N
Ft Worth, TX 07/07/01

Dear Jeff,
Thank you for the reports and great service. It is truly my pleasure to do business with you.
Thank you
Quan W.
Concord, CA 02/01/2001

Your service is awesome. We don't think we'll need it for another year as we do not have many rentals (2). However, I will keep our account information handy. Let us know if anything changes on your end.
Thanks, Jeff!
Lisa B.
Mendocino, CA 01/02/2001

Keep up the good work-and keep us informed on your news and growth. Thanks for being there for us.
Phyllis N.
Austin, TX 02/27/01

Hello Patti,
I used you last year for a Tenant Credit Report and am glad that you're still providing the service. You guys were great....unfortunantely, my A++ rated Tenants must be moving on to a new area. (New Baby, new job) I'm looking forward to sending you my next "Application to Rent" for your screening services.
Kevin R.
Philadelphia, PA 03/21/01

Great service at a reasonable price. Thank you, I will be using your service again in the future as well as referring you to others with similar needs as mine.
C. Daniel (Dan) B.
Seattle, WA 11/02/00

How can I say thanks. You are the best screening service we've ever used. No set up fees. No wait. Wow! Scarlet is truly beautiful (and helpful too!) I plan on telling other apartment managers about your great service.
Judy S.
Arlington, VA 9/21/00

Hi Accurate
You've made our tenant screening easy and quick. Hats Off to you. Your reports are the best we've ordered, much better than the reports we previously received from our OLD SOURCE. Your customer service is truly the best!!! I'll be refering you to all my friends with rental homes. Thank you so much.
Shan-Ching H.
Brooklyn, NY 8/9/00

Dear Accurate
I used Accurate Credit's service for the first time today and want to let you know that I am extremely impressed with your service and turnaround time. Thank you in advance for great service !!
Sue C.
San Francisco, CA 7/10/00

Dear Accurate,
Thank you very much for delivering what you advertise. There are so few business entities today that actually deliver positive, helpful, useful advice and information. ACCURATE delivers all of this. I truly could not have gotten this information without you. Your service and products are great. Thanks again.
Steve R.
Orange, CA 6/5/00

Dear Accurate,
Thanks so much for your quick response and simple process. I had look all over the web for a place to get credit reports on a potential tenant. Every other site I found had a whole bunch of steps I had to go through, and a time line of several days -- not to mention the prices were more. Your process took me a total of 3 hours from the time I first contacted you 'tilI was holding the credit reports in my hand, and the prices were very reasonable. Please feel free to pass out my email address as a reference....
Mike McClure 1/18/00

Dear Scarletthebeautiful (Patti),
Thanks so much for the help and advice you gave me on Wednesday. I did some more checking and the applicants would have been terrible. They gave me fake references, fake landlords, and fake employers. I would not have found this out if it had not been for your assistance and great advise. thanks again. I hope you get this message
George S.
Miami, FL 5/19/2000

Dear Accurate,
Incredible. I received my renters credit report within 5 minutes from your company. The best part was the free customer support. Thank you so much for your assistance. I highly recommend your services to any serious landlord who wants accurate information and a great credit reporting service. Feel free to post these comments. I'm glad I found you.  I'm looking forward to utilizing your services in the future. Thanks Again. 
Bill W.
Chicago, IL 4/24/00

Thank you so much.
You made the process so simple and fast and were friendly at the same time. What more can you ask for?
Jill B.
Boise, ID 3/17/00

Thank you Patti and Jeff for help.
Have a good day. God bless you
Mousa B.
Pasadena, CA 5/31/00

Thank you Accurate.
You helped us make a good decision.
Pat O.
Boston, MA 2/13/00

Just wanted to tell you that Accurate's service is the best. Thanks for being there for us.
Candice B.
Tucson, AZ 10/21/00

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