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Criminal Reports

Do you know what is on your criminal report? Accurate Credit Bureau offers comprehensive, nationwide criminal screening at an affordable price. No sign up is necessary. Order your report today and find out if there are any outstanding issues on your record. Results are returned to you via email within minutes. Here are a few other reasons to order a Comprehensive Criminal Background from Accurate:

1. Prospective Employers- Bring a copy of your criminal background check alongside your resume when attending job interviews. This will help to demonstrate your preparedness and set you apart from other applicants. If there is an outstanding record, this tactic will help to demonstrate honesty and give you a chance to explain any potential issues upfront, rather than the employer finding out at a later date.

2. Business partners/ventures- Criminal Records are public records, meaning that you can obtain a criminal background check on individuals without their prior written consent. This can be useful when collaborating on a new business venture, or when contemplating new business partners. Obtaining a Criminal background check through Accurate Credit Bureau will help to alleviate some concerns you may have, or alternatively help you decide if the partnership would be too much of a risk. Our background reports will show any prior criminal records such as DUI/DWI, worthless checks, sexual offenses, and much more.

3. Prospective Employees- Doing a criminal background check on prospective employees is highly recommended. This can help to determine which applicant's may be best suited for the position. For example, if you are hiring for a position which involves driving, you may want to know if this person has any outstanding tickets or warrants.

4. Personal Employees - Reviewing the background of a person who will be working in your home is a good idea. Perhaps you are hiring a nanny or house keeper. You will want to make sure that these individuals do not have records or theft, violence, or sexual assault.


Eviction Reports

  1. Prospective Tenants - This is one of the most important reports to run.  An eviction report will let you know if someone has gone through the court system and forcefully evicted (removee) someone from their house.


SSN Verification

  1.  Prospective Employees – Know if the person is giving you a valid name and Social Security Number.  This will help to ensure everyone is legally working for you.
  2. Prospective Tenants – Verifying someone says who they are is key to building a good tenant landlord relationship. 




It is more and more common to encounter a bankruptcy filing when screening new applicants for your vacancy. It’s important to know and understand the different types of bankruptcy filings and how they can affect your decision.  Bankruptcy essentially wipes out the debts amassed by an individual or business by offering creditors partial payment through the transfer of assets. There are three types of bankruptcy filings.

Chapter 7 – A widely used form of bankruptcy among business and real estate owners, Chapter 7 deals with the liquidation of assets. For example, if a business files for chapter 7, they must cease operations, sell off their assets (e.g. inventory, land, etc) to pay for part of the debt, and go out of business. If an individual files for Chapter 7, they must also liquidate assets they own such as real estate, automobiles, or recreational merchandise (boats, ATVs, etc).  It is common for landlords to come across chapter 7 filings because individuals who had to sell their home will be looking for a place to rent.

Chapter 11 - Usually only seen in the corporate world, Chapter 11 gives a business the opportunity to restructure their debts and reorganize their assets. The business can then start anew as long as it honors the obligations set forth as part of the new structure.

Chapter 13 - Another form common among prospective tenants is Chapter 13. This is when an individual must reorganize their finances under direct supervision of the court. The debtor must submit for approval a plan to repay all debts to creditors within three to five years. This can be problematic for landlords because up to %100 of the individual’s income can be used to repay the debts. However, an individual is likely to declare Chapter 13 over Chapter 7 in order to maintain control of their assets such as real estate. Since Chapter 13 offers a court approved time frame to pay back all debts, liquidation of assets is not mandated.

A bankruptcy will affect an individual’s credit report. All debts charged off in the bankruptcy will no longer negatively affect the credit score of the individual. In fact, they will now have an opportunity to build a higher credit score. When reviewing a tenant credit check containing a bankruptcy, it is helpful to look at other pertinent information. For example, how is their financial behavior post bankruptcy? Have they established a better payment record? Are they amassing another number of debts? Knowing as much as you can about bankruptcy and its different forms will help you to be an effective landlord and make well-informed decisions.

Remember to call us at 512 285 6078 for any questions regarding your report. Thanks for reading.


Suits, Liens, Judgments

Suits, Liens, and Judgments can be found on any applicant.  This is a valuable tool to find out if an entity is coming after your perspective tenant or employee for a financial debt owed.


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